Jura Trošina meistarklases Wildcard2013 konferences ietvaros

Jura Trošina meistarklases Wildcard 2013 konferences ietvaros



juris trošinsVēlies iemācīties kā pareizi taisīt Backup’us saviem datiem izmantojot advancētas datu bāzes un recovery metodes?

Piedalies Oracle Database Backup and Recovery meistarklasēs ar Juri Trošinu Wildcard 2013 konferences ietvaros!

Vairāk informācijas par meistarklasēm: http://wildcardconf.com/speakers.html#spk-juristrosins
Par Juri Trošinu: http://wildcardconf.com/program.html#w1-s1

Want to learn efficient approaches to create The Backup of your data by trying your hands in advanced database restore and recovery techniques?

Check Oracle Database Backup and Recovery workshop by Juris Trošins at Wildcard 2013 conference!

It is going to be fun to try something new and daring, out of the usual routine of checking logs of the backup agent. Get a shake! Feel the stress of the lost database and your boss calling you in the night!


Find your way into effective backup setup together with fast and successful restore and recovery procedures.

Learn about Data Guard, TSPITR, block recovery and other technologies.

Try and perform said backup and recovery techniques in the company of Oracle Certified Master.

More info about workshop: http://wildcardconf.com/speakers.html#spk-juristrosins

More info about speaker: http://wildcardconf.com/program.html#w1-s1 

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